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Heating Systems

The heating industry is currently going through the most rapid change in its history. The arrival of the modern high efficiency condensing boiler and renewable energy systems allow huge savings in fuel consumption and cost, not only financially, but also to the environment. Please contact us for further information. Brochures are available for all products that we supply and install.

Gas, Oil, and Solid Fuel Systems

Fowlers supply and install all types of Gas and oil-fired heating appliances, and as accredited specialist installers for Worcester Bosch and other suppliers, we install and maintain the world’s most efficient and industry award-winning systems for domestic hot water and heating systems. Please see our page on boilers for further details.

We will always pay attention to details like power-flushing system pipework and radiators properly before installing a new boiler. Fowlers staff will always leave your home clean and tidy.

Voted for by CORGI registered installers on-line and attending the Installer Live exhibition held at Coventry’s RICOH Arena in October, Worcester Bosch secured the top spot for the second year running with its SEDBUK ‘A’ rated Greenstar CDi gas boiler range, which is proving a real hit with the installation trade.

Votes were based on appliances that are easy to install, straight forward to commission and service and which offer customers the greatest benefits.



Optional Front Cover


Power flushing pump


Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable energy sources are sustainable which means that they are replaced by natural processes at a greater rate than they are being consumed. The source of energy for “Worcester Greenskies” Solar Panels and “Greenstore Ground Source Heat Pumps” is the sun. Solar panels absorb the energy in sunlight and ground source heat pumps use the constant temperature in the ground which is provided by the exposure to the sun.

These new systems are easily adapted to work in conjunction with existing and more conventional systems.

Solar energy is a sustainable source of energy which will not be depleted in our lifetime. The use of renewable and sustainable energy sources reduces the reliance on the burning of fossil fuels. This reduces the amount of carbon dioxide emitted in to the atmosphere, which is one of the principle causes of the greenhouse effect.

Renewable energy products quite simply do alot to help to reduce the environmental impact of heating the home. And they reduce the impact on your pocket.


Solar Panels


A typical two-panel installation will provide hot water needs for most households


A Larger Solar Panel Installation can also generate electricity


Light and heat from the sun falls onto the solar panels and is transferred to heat water in the heating system.


Light and heat from the sun penetrates the ground and is stored naturally. This heat can be tapped and transferred by means of a ground source heat pump.


Ground Source Heat Pumps

In the majority of circumstances, the GSHP system is all you will need to satisfy your heating and hot water requirements - you will not need a boiler!. Ask us how this technogoy can work for you in your home. The most straightforward way, and for maximum benefit and efficiency, a heat pump is best used with underfloor heating. Having said this, installing slightly larger radiators will do the same job. This does not mean that the radiators are obtrusive, as modern radiators are so compact anyway.



Greenstore Ground Source Heat Pump

Heat energy is collected from the ground in any of three different ways


Horizontal collector


Compact collector


Vertical collector

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